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Upcoming Meeting Dates

Tuesday, 7:00pm September 18, 2018 - Annual Meeting

Tuesday, 7:00pm October 16th, 2018 -

The Annual Meeting could not be held on September 18th due to lack of member quorum. A 2nd Attempt will be held on Tuesday, October 16th. Please take a few minutes to print, sign and return the absentee ballot located on this homepage so that the Association can hold the election. Thank you.

Tuesday, 7:00pm November 20th, 2018

Information and Upcoming Events

Urban Wildlife Corridors and Crossings

Volunteers Needed

Member Reminders

Absentee Ballot & Candidate Information

2018 Annual Meeting Notice

New Adaptive Signal Control

Cortessa Member Letter

Maricopa County Storm Drain Information

Dunn Edwards approved exterior house paint colors

Sherwin Williams approved exterior house paint colors

Dunn Edwards Discount

Homeowners should have their Waste Management trash/recycle and bulk pickup items on the curb no later than 6 AM on the date of pickup.

For more information on Waste Management Service to Cortessa please see the Contacts page.


We have been hearing from concerned homeowners about Coyotes in the neighborhood and in one case, in someone’s backyard. Coyotes and other desert creatures have always been in Cortessa and the surrounding desert area. For some reason they are recently more visible and less intimidated by the neighborhood surroundings. We have heard of no aggressive behavior, but you should be aware and take precautions particularly if you have cats or small dogs that are outside unattended.
Arizona Game and Fish provided the attached brochure with helpful information if you do encounter a Coyote.  The phone numbers below may be of assistance if a Coyote is contained and needs to be removed. The Sheriff’s Department or Rural/Metro will respond to a 911 call if there is dangerous encounter with a human or pet, but will not come out to remove a Coyote.


Phone Number

Allen Animal Control 


Critter Control


All Animals Rescue and Transport


Cortessa Community Association

The Cortessa Community Association was formed in 2004. Our community is governed by the Board of Directors of the Cortessa Community Association.

Meeting Locations and Times

Meeting location is Mountain View Elementary School at 18302 W. Burton Ave. Most meetings will be in the library, however, from  time to time, we may be in other rooms within the school.  


Closed session meetings are held for board members only at 6:00 PM. Open session meetings are held at 7:00 PM. All homeowners are invited and welcome to attend the open session meeting. We hope to see you there.

Homeowners Association

Cortessa Community Association

Kinney Management Services

6303 S. Rural Rd. / P.O. Box 25466

Tempe, AZ 85285

Phone: (480) 820-3451

FAX: (480) 820-7441



The small-town feeling at Cortessa offers families a sense of security and belonging. Scenic vistas surround this master-planned community with the White Tank Mountains serving as a breathtaking backdrop. Bike over to the basketball courts, explore the neighborhood greenbelts, or walk along the many mountain-view pathways.

Community Information

Cortessa is a community of 1,732 lots, located in Waddell, Arizona. The community

has 5 parks and approximately 88 acres of landscaped common area that is maintained by the association.


Waddell defines vibrant Southwest living; a place of educational excellence where community, family, and traditions are built. A collection of distinctive neighborhoods with a small-town feel and big city amenities.

Population: 3,356

Rural Metro Information

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Population: 3,356